memory Magnito

alcohol, marijuana

euphoria, the brains reward system, moodiness, lethargy, verbal fluency and damage, expression, passion

enabling cultures, acceptance, friends, laughing at life/having a good time, community,

types of memory, memory loss, incomplete thoughts, thought loops

psychological addiction, rationalization and cravings, “were celebrating”, mental/physical health decline, self-awareness, dream loss

escapism, pensiveness, agoraphobia, the absurdity of repetition, bill murray & groundhogs day, hell is repetition quote,

the negativity and anxiety of ‘using’ alone, financial waste, the ‘as long as you don’t bother anybody’ peacekeeper mentality,

watching people drunk/high while being sober, the unwanted reward of sobriety and presence, intellectualism, how non-users may as well be on drugs anyways

the last time I got drunk/high and what I did, why i don’t use, once is never enough, why I may use again – impulsiveness, the inclination to excess, sludging my mind, a higher self-standard, why its okay to use responsibly, the importance of not judging others

Published by InnominateHominid

I am a resident of Alaska. I hope this explains everything.

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