reflection of everything

It’s important to FAIL It’s 6:47 P.M. I started this post at 4 A.M. this morning. For some reason, I felt compelled to improvise something (as I typically do). The theme was Mirrors and reflection, which I decided to keep. It feels good to just write about a topic and run with it. That’s theContinue reading “reflection of everything”

memory Magnito

alcohol, marijuana euphoria, the brains reward system, moodiness, lethargy, verbal fluency and damage, expression, passion enabling cultures, acceptance, friends, laughing at life/having a good time, community, types of memory, memory loss, incomplete thoughts, thought loops psychological addiction, rationalization and cravings, “were celebrating”, mental/physical health decline, self-awareness, dream loss escapism, pensiveness, agoraphobia, the absurdity of repetition,Continue reading “memory Magnito”

breaking the silent barrier with 10,000 lbs of shit

For a long time my mind was partially filled with low-grade industrial-strength molasses. The remaining space was hollow and I’m not really sure what was there. Nobody knows. Maybe dark matter, I think. How the molasses came to be remains a mystery, but no one really knows… Molasses is a condensed version of sugar, youContinue reading “breaking the silent barrier with 10,000 lbs of shit”

to die alone

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone…” “OR ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE.” –Blaise Pascal, Pensées -Yours truly Is there anything worse than dying alone? Fuck yeah, there is. How ’bout dying of 3rd degree burns, or falling in a giant vat of sulfuric acid? How about being ranContinue reading “to die alone”

Global Human Theater

state of affairs sentry on luxuryapocalyptic asphalt lemon ringsstandard self centered cement treesbranches low brow lovers brothersbothering in front of not now mothersthe sentry asked the mother willfullycross-involved sectional transactionsdeep-down think-tank chaotic factionsexplosive dynamic murderous channelsrandom rancid ranking worthy annalsfaces watching faces fighting their mirrorsimage transmit the reception low latencywhite list menace from a cistContinue reading “Global Human Theater”